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REIFAX Professional Dialer Overview

Our top-of-the-line product is packed with features for real estate investors, agents, short sale specialists and many other real estate professionals. It's the most advanced and complete REIFax product. It was designed for those Real Estate Professionals who need the best tool to search for real estate opportunities in single family homes, condos/townhomes/villas, multi-family with 10 + or - units, commercial properties, vacant land, mobile homes and other properties.

REIFax Professional Dialer comes with the best built-in sorting capabilities to get real selling and buying leads and the best reports to help you take your real estate investing business to the next level.

Top Features Included in REIFAX Professional Dialer
  • Type of Property Searches Allowed: All type of properties.
  • Professional Features: REIFax Professional Dialer includes all features built-in in REIFax Professional.
  • GPS Mobile Search: This search capability was designed to help you find property deals with a specific search criteria while in a neighborhood, using the GPS capabilities to locate leads. All properties matching your search criteria will be displayed on a map in the smart device. This feature works with Blackberry, Apple and Android phones.
  • Search By Map: With this tool you can easily search for properties by drawing the shape or the area you wish to search in the map. Only the properties inside that area will be included in the results.
  • Search Manager: This feature enables you to save searches for future use, so when you'll need to make the same search again you won't have to select the same search criteria.
  • Search for Vacant Properties: This feature enables you to search for vacant properties and vacant date.
  • Mobile Application for Smart Phones: This search capability was designed to help you find and analyze property deals on-the-spot, while in a neighborhood. Take your walking-for-dollars business to the level next with our state-of-the-art Mobile Application. This feature works with Blackberry, Apple and Android phones.
  • Contact Manager: This features enables you to easily manage store and find contact information, such as names, addresses and telephone numbers of your contacts and leads.
  • Task Manager: This feature enables you to manage all your daily tasks. You can set due dates on your tasks and get overview over what needs to get done today, tomorrow or next week.
  • Mailing Campaign Manager: This feature enables you to deliver rich, engaging and effective email campaigns. Mailing Campaign Manager has the necessary features to help you meet all your email campaign needs.
  • Short Sale Manager: This feature enables you to manage all parties involved in a short sale transaction and generate short sale packages in less than 10 seconds automatically.
  • Professional Dialer with Phone Line: With this tool enabled, you will have access to a phone line, where you select to make up to 100 calls at the time, to as many contacts you need to.
  • Phone Number with Do not Call Verification for Foreclosures.
  • Skip Tracing System: This feature will allow you to obtain the most up-to-date contact information (emails, several phone numbers, cellphones include) of the property owners as well as relatives living at the same property address.
  • Social Media Report: Gives you all the owner and relatives emails and phone numbers provided by our skip tracing feature.

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