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All Counties (Annual Plan - 2 months free)
Access To our Bilingual Mentoring System Content In Video, MP4 and PDF
stopMarketing remove remove
stopCreate and Send Offers remove remove
stopAdditional Strategies remove remove
stopProspect Generator remove remove
stopDocuments and Procedures remove remove
Access to Forms and additional documents like
stopTemplate Contracts remove remove
stopTemplate Emails remove remove
stopTemplate SMS TEXT remove remove
stopTemplate Procedural documents remove remove
Access to the Exclusive Features in
stopProcedure Manager remove remove
stopDocument Manager remove remove
stopPicture Manager remove remove
Closing Support
stopAccess to a Proof of funds remove remove
stopAccess to a partner/closing coach remove remove
stopAccess to our Co Wholesaling Program' remove remove
stop1 year of BNB Vestor our Vacation Rental National System remove remove
stopFilter By Average daily rate, occupancy, revenue remove remove
stopLocate the best areas to invest in short-term rentals remove remove
stopFind the best season in any area remove remove
stopSelect the highest performing property by map remove remove
stop1 Year subscription of the Reifax Professional Dialer that includes the following features remove remove
Property Types
stopSingle Family, Condos/Townhomes/Villas, Multi-Family +/- 10 units, Commercial, Vacant Land, Mobile Homes done done
Search Capabilities
stopSearch by GPS: Mobile GPS tool that uses your location to find properties you are interested in while driving in a neighborhood done done
stopSearch by Map: This tool allows the user to search in a specific map area, with a rectangle, square, circle or polygon form done done
stopAdvanced Search with more than 90 filters, allowing more than 10,000,000 search criteria combinations. done done
stopSearch Properties For Sale done done
stopSearch Properties For Rent done done
stopSearch for Property Public Records: Owner's name, address, property tax information, lot size, gross and living area, units, stories, etc. done done
stopSearch Properties by Mortgage Information (Where available): Lender's name, amount, grantor*, book*, page*, etc. done done
stopSearch for Foreclosed Properties For Sale (REO, Bank Owned) done done
stopSearch for Foreclosed Properties not For Sale (Shadow Inventory) done done
stopSearch for Pre-Foreclosed Properites For Sale (Short Sale) done done
stopSearch for Pre-Foreclosed Properites not For Sale (unlisted properties, potential Short Sale, Lis Pendens delivered) done done
stopSearch for Property Auctions (Judgement Date, Amount, Plaintiff, etc) done done
stopSearch by Active Equity: Where you can compare the active value with the listing price done done
stopSearch by Potential Equity: Where you can compare the market value with the listing price done done
stopSearch by Debt-to-Equity Equity: Where you can compare the market value with the know debt on the property done done
stopSearch by Life Estates done done
stopSearch by Probates done done
stopSearch for Vacant properties remove done
Search Results
stopBasic Results List: Displays 10 properties each page with useful information about each property as market and active value, potential and active equity done done
stopAdvance Results List: Displays a list of properties (For Home Deal Finder displays properties with 0%+, 10%+, 20%+, 30%+ equity) done done
stopMapable results done done
stopGrid Template Manager: You can customize the information (the headers) you want your result list to display done done
Property Overview
stopReifax Value: Market value estimation using comparables within 1/2 miles from subject property, +/- 10% of sq ft and sold in the last 12 months done done
stopProperty Details: Public records, sales history and owner information done done
stopList of Comparables: Includes distance, gross area, beds, baths, year built, foreclosure status, amount, sale date, days on market done done
stopList of Comparables For Sale (Active): Includes distance, gross area, beds, baths, year built, foreclosure status, listing price, listing date, days on market done done
stopComparable Filters: User can filter by property type, distance, area, listing and closing date, year built, bedrooms, bathrooms, subdivision name done done
stopList of Comparables For Rent: List of properties for rent in 1/2 mile distance from the subject property used to calculate Rental Amount Estimate done done
stopDistressed Properties: List of properties in foreclosure/pre-foreclosure in 1/2 mile distance from the subject property done done
stopMortgage Information (if available): Includes lender's name, mortgage date, original amount, book, page, etc. done done
stopForeclosure Information (if available): Includes case number, plaintiff, known debt amount, judgement date and amount, book, page, status, etc. done done
Market Intelligence
stopSearch for Local, Out-of-State & International Cash Buyers and Holders done done
stopClassify by Local, Out-of-State & International Property Buyers and Holders (Cash Buyers if they resell the property within a year, Holders if they hold the property more than a year) done done
Management & Task Tools
stopContact Management: Manage all your contacts in your reifax account. Easily retrieve agents information with a click of a button done done
stopContract Management: Create and send offers automatically pre-filled in just seconds. (You can send offers by bulks, NOT IN PLATINUM) done done
stopContract Templates Management: This tool allows you to create templates for every type of contracts you need done done
stopDashboard: You can see at a glance the status of the most important topics in just one page (followed properties, contracts sent, offers received, etc.) done done
stopFollow-Up System: Keep track of unlimited properties, for sale or not, whether that you want to buy or sell done done
stopMailing Campaign Management: Keep track of your mailing campaigns. Print address labels and merge your mailing templates with your prospect lists done done
stopTask Management: You can schedule tasks in advance to be completed automatically by the system in the future done done
Communication Options: All communications are sorted under each property
stopEmails: Send emails directly from your reifax account, using your own gmail account done done
stopCommunication Templates Management: You can create all type of templates for your available types of communications, to use them as needed done done
stopPhone Calls: Make phone calls directly from your REIFax account, using your skype account or a plivo number (provided by REIFax ONLY for Professional Dialer) done done
stopText Messages (SMS): Send text messages directly from your REIFax account. done done
stopFaxes: Send faxes directly from your REIFax account. done done
stopProperty Analysis Report: A complete report, includes property details, comparables (sold and for sale), distressed properties and rental comparables done done
stopX-Ray Report: Provides relevant information and statistics from an area compared to the specific county of the area done done
stopBroker's Price Opinion Report (BPO): Provides a report on the information needed for a broker's price opinion of a subject property done done
stopDiscount Report: Provides the discount amount and percentage that Lenders accepted on mortgages in Short Sale or Foreclosed comparable properties done done
stopSocial Media Report: Gives you all the owner and relatives emails and phone numbers provided by our skip tracing feature. remove done
Other Useful Tools
stopExport Data to Excel & PDF done done
stopPrint labels done done
stopImport: This tools allows to import any list of properties to your Reifax account done done
stopBlock: You can block any agent, or any agent's property you don't wish to do business with done done
stopHome Deal Finder included with your plan done done
stopBuyer's Pro included with your plan done done
stopLeads Generator included with your plan done done
stopProfessional Dialer with Phone Line remove done
stopPhone Number with Do not Call Verification for Foreclosures remove done
stopSkip Tracing: The Skip Tracing feature REIFax offers will bring you the best owner and relative numbers and emails in our database remove done