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REIFax Advertising Overview

Welcome to REIFax Advertising Center. We offer advertisers the opportunity to reach highly targeted local audience of qualified real estate professionals, with prominently placed banner ads to drive them to advertiser products and services.

Our site unique and frequent visitors are mainly high-caliber real estate professionals actively engaged in the real estate investment market in need of services from:

  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Short Sale Specialists
  • Title Companies
  • General Contractors
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Property Appraisers
  • Property Inspectors
  • Flat Fee MLS Listing Services
  • And many other

Advertising opportunities

We offer advertiser ad placement in our home page for a specific ad position, for a whole county and for a specific period of time (currently for a month or a quarter). When you purchase an ad position in our home page you will be the exclusive advertiser whose ad will be displayed at a specific position for a specific county and during a specific period of time (month or quarter). All visitors reaching the site from that specific county will see your Ad. For example, if you purchased the first Ad Position for Miami Dade county and for a month, all visitors reaching the site from that county will see your Ad in that position during a month.

Advertising banner specifications and placement positions

The Ads will be displayed at REIFax Home Page in the right column below the main menu banner. The following advertising position are available for placement on our home web page (Ad dimensions must be width: 300 pixels X height: 250 pixels, maximum file size 40k):

  • First Ad Position
  • Second Ad Position (right below 1st ad position).
  • Third Ad Position (right below 2nd ad position).
  • Fourth Ad Position (right below 3rd ad position).
  • Fifth Ad Position (right below 4th ad position).
  • Sixth Ad Position (right below 5th ad position).

Important: To ensure good reproduction and prevent pre-press problems, please follow these guidelines: REIFax accepts only standard JPG and GIF files. The ad and all images used must be RGB and optimized for the web. REIFax is not responsible for reproduction of ads that don't meet these specifications and requirements.

To purchase an Ad Position in our web page, please click on the Buy Now button below:


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